Getting Ready for Fractions!

We’re kicking off our unit on fractions today!  Hooray!  I think that fractions are very fun.  I’m not sure that my students are on board, though.  I want to share some of the changes to my classroom as we get ready to embark on our fraction adventure!

Here are my math goal posters to keep us on track throughout the unit!

Here’s an anchor chart for representing fractions.  Of course, students should be coming in with this background knowledge but just in case they don’t remember, I have some ideas here to jog their memories!

Again, they should have some basis for comparing fractions.  This poster should help them remember some of these concepts as we move forward.

Here are my math vocabulary and key terms posters for the students!  

Lastly, this is a fraction model anchor chart that some students helped me prepare during read aloud!  I love it!  It’s so colorful!

I think we’re all set to get started today!  What are you teaching today?

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