Five for Friday: 5 Products That I Used This Week!

Welcome, back Friday! Friday the 13th, at that!  This Friday, I’m going to share 5 products that I used this week in my classroom!  Let’s be honest.  I’m doing a product share because I really just didn’t get any photos this week.  Sometimes you win…sometimes you’re just overwhelmed and miss the mark.

Of course, I used more door posters from Art With Jenny K!  These products are incredible.  I have a few of her products and I’ve been obsessed with every single one.  We’re finishing up our Black History Month pack right now and I have George Washington ready to go for President’s Day next week!

Also, I was featured on her blog last week as the VERY first Featured Teacher!  You should go check out the article if you haven’t already.  Her blog is so fun and she always has awesome follower freebies!

Here’s the most recent one that we posted!

Another awesome product that I used this week was a spontaneous project.  I saw this product come up on the “sellers that you follow have new products” email and I just had a good feeling about it.  I mean, if you’re studying fractions and you see a project that integrates writing with fractions, it seems like a good plan to me!  I immediately picked it up from Melissa O’Bryan at Wild About Fifth.
Here’s an example of one that a student made!
My students had a math test this week so we had a little extra time in the afternoon when we usually do our math groups.  I had my students make posters to put up around in the hallway explaining the concepts.  Since we’ve only learned how to add and subtract fractions and this pack also includes multiplying and dividing, there room for us to try this again after we’ve learned some new concepts.  It was great to see how the students illustrated their prompt and wrote about their thinking.  I thought that this activity also really allowed me to see what the students knew in a new way, it allowed me to get into their thinking a little bit deeper and it really provided me with the opportunity to give them extended practice for Smarter Balanced Assessments.

During my math groups, I use a lot of task cards.  Sometimes, I make them myself.  Other times, I just need something that’s ready to go because I don’t have the time to create something for my classroom. I keep a variety of cards in a photo storage box so the students can practice past skills that need more work or work on things that we’re currently doing.  There are a ton of great “math games” on One Stop Teacher Shop and I keep them in regular rotation in my math area.  The students feel less threatened by the little cards and they do really help them improve their skills.  I’m using the “I Can Multiply & Divide Decimals” set right now since we started this topic this week!

Next, what’s a new holiday without a new Melonheadz set?  I adore Melonheadz.  They’re adorable, high quality and really transform the look and feel of any product. I picked up a new Valentine’s Day set to use on some great Valentine’s Day themed printables this week.  They’re perfect!

Last, but certainly not least, I used this freebie.  These slips were left on students’ desks to let them know that they either needed to come in at recess and fix something, or that they were doing a great job and thank them for their efforts.  The slips are easy to copy and cut into squares and they’re super adorable.  My students are struggling to clean things up lately so I wanted an extra level of accountability for them and I’m hoping that this helps.
Thank you for reading my blog this week!  I’d love to hear what you used this week!  Leave a comment below and link up with us.

2 thoughts on “Five for Friday: 5 Products That I Used This Week!”

  1. I love the journal writing fraction examples! I need to try that, too… Also loving the clean desk slips! Some of my kiddos could use praise for their clean desks (and others could use help!) 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ashley! The students had fun creating them and it really challenged their thinking! They were a great purchase. I hope you get some use out of those desk slips!

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