Freebie Friday: Clean and Messy Desk Notes

Since you’re reading this, I think it’s safe to assume that you survived this Valentine’s Day party edition of Friday the 13th!  I feel like I should cue some scary music here!

In honor of everyone who made it out alive, I’d like to link up with Teaching Blog Addict and share a freebie with you that went up on my store last night.  I was getting pretty overwhelmed with some of the messes in my students desks and I created these little slips that I can randomly leave on their desks to help hold them accountable for their mess or thank them for being clean and tidy.  The desk tags slip is for those students who pick at the tape and damage their name tags or other things that are taped to the desk.

I used them last week and gave the students with clean desks a treat.  The rest of the students had to clean up.  I felt so much better after they got rid of all of the junk.  Some of the students even joked with me that we should create a version of hoarders just for classrooms.  Wouldn’t that be entertaining?!

I found some of the most interesting things…including a shoelace stuffed in someones book box.  Of course, you can imagine my questions here:

  • So, were you just walking around with only one shoe laced?
  • Where did this come from in the first place if you were not walking around with one shoe unlaced?
  • Why on Earth would the best place for this be your book box?  Wouldn’t you want to take it home and reunite it with its shoe?
Clearly, the list goes on! 🙂
Now, onto the freebie…click the title image to download it for free in my store!

I hope that you enjoy these and they help keep your students accountable in the classroom!

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