Sunday Scoop-February 22nd!

I LOVE The Sunday Scoop link-up!  I love how it gets me to start thinking about what’s happening this week and begin to prioritize some…


I LOVE The Sunday Scoop link-up!  I love how it gets me to start thinking about what’s happening this week and begin to prioritize some things for myself mentally.  It’s a great way to start a Sunday morning.

Have to Do:
Well, bills are obviously high on my list this week.  It’s payday and I like to make sure that I have everything in line for the month.  If I budget out my month, I can see early on what I have left over to use toward paying down debt and that’s my #1 priority right now.  I’m hoping to have everything paid off by the end of this year (excluding my lifetime of student loans) so I have to stay focused and work very hard.  I have to pay those bills fast too before I find something “interesting” to spend the money on instead.  😉
Also, I have only 4 days left on my Whole 30 journey!  GASP!!  I can’t believe it.  These 30 days have gone by soooo fast.  I honestly have loved the process…once I got out of that exhaustion stage.  I’m already feeling way less bloated and infinitely more positive, so I love it.  I’m going to continue to eat like this for most of my meals post Whole 30 but I may go with more of the paleo guidelines and loosen up on some of the Whole 30 regulations.  So, it’s time for me to start reading the part of the book that’s about life after the Whole 30.  Hooray!!
Hope to Do:
I really want to improve my art instruction and my own artistic abilities.  Sometimes, it’s so hard to lead my students in art activities when I feel like I’m floundering myself.  I was looking through the upcoming community education courses and there are some awesome art courses in there to take.  There’s even a few on watercolor and I love watercolor!!  I want to look through it more and choose a class with a great schedule for me.  I also thought about mosaics but that would be a very hard choice since watercolor could be incorporated into my teaching but mosaics are a lot harder to get supplies for in the classroom.
This summer, I’m taking a mini-vacation before summer camp.  My friend and I (she staffs my summer camp with me too!!!) are going to see Spain.  We might stop one other place.  Perhaps Paris. Or Athens.  We always have such a hard time decided where to spend our time.  I want to keep looking up things to do and travel options this week because I’m so excited.  
Happy to Do:
I think everyone knows by now that I love yoga.  Seriously.  It’s an addiction.  I have lots of it on my schedule this week.  Namaste.


  1. I loved teaching 5th grade! I did for over 15 years. Now…I am so lucky to be teaching science to over 400 K-5th graders. I have one in college and one going next year…any tips to keeping loans at a minimum? We are taking a mini vacation this spring break to St. Louis…I can't wait. Stop on by…
    The Science School Yard

  2. I love your blog title. I teach 5th grade and I feel like I cannot get out of it quick enough. It's my 6th year and it's wearing me down. I love seeing other people that really enjoy it.

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