Sunday Scoop for February 15, 2015!

Have To Do: For the past 5 years, I’ve taught at the local college.  I have taught education courses and supervised student teachers.  It’s a…

Have To Do:
For the past 5 years, I’ve taught at the local college.  I have taught education courses and supervised student teachers.  It’s a lot of fun to work with college students who are exploring the option of a career in education.  While I returned to the classroom full-time this year, I decided to keep my hybrid courses at the college to see if I could manage balancing both of them.  After all, I put years of hard work and dedication into the program and I was reluctant to give it all away.  It has been tough to juggle both, I’ll admit.  We meet face-to-face three times per term and the rest is done exclusively online.  This week, we have our last face-to-face session for the term!
I have so much work to put up in the hallways.  I just took down our onomatopoeia artwork and I have some fun math art to put up as well as some upcoming Dr. Seuss art.  We still have all of our Black History Month artwork up too so my section of the hallway is quite decorative and bright right now.  It’s not always like that, trust me!
Gasp!  I have a blank bulletin board.  I really need to get it together and update it.  Perhaps that needs to be my priority for the week!?

Hope To Do:
I hope that my class gets their Dr. Seuss artwork done this week.  If you know anything about me, I hate pushing things at the last minute.  If we can get it mostly done, that’ll give me plenty of time to focus on the students who need more time to finish it and get it hung without rushing to get it up in time.  

Then, there’s that dreaded task of updating your clipart collections and backing up your files.  I am THE WORST at computer organization.  I just save everything into these folders that are bursting with files on top of files and I have to go in and reorganize and delete things that I don’t need and restructure my filing system and then back it all up.  It takes forever.  I could make it easier by being better with my organization from the start but it’s definitely my organizational weakness.

Happy To Do:
Seriously, how good does it feel that it’s Sunday and there’s another day off tomorrow?!  Three day weekends are beautiful.  I really needed this extra day too.  I’ve been feeling exhausted lately and I’m feeling so much better this weekend already knowing that I have some extra time to get things taken care of!  
Well, I’m off to hot yoga!  I hope that you head on over to The Teaching Trio and link up with us for Sunday Scoop!!


  1. I have often thought working with student teachers would be a lot of fun. I had a wonderful student teaching supervisor and think I'd like to pass it on (even after 20+ years!) to the next generation. It must be a really enjoyable course! Have a good week!

    1. It is a special experience, that's for sure! I invite some of my past students teachers in to sub for me now, which is very fun. I love how you said you'd like to pass it on. That's what student teachers need in a supervisor!!

  2. The Dr. Seuss artwork sounds like it is going to be so cute!! We were just talking about Read Across America Day when we were planning last week. Can't believe March is going to be here soon! February is flying by!! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!


  3. Your college courses sound very fulfilling- I'm sure (even though it's maybe been a struggle) your very glad you've kept them going! I am totally with you in the file organisation- I have a gorgeous background which I pretend keeps me organised but in reality I too have files bursting with disorganisation! Enjoy your extra day off tomorrow- we're on Half-Term break in the UK this week so I'm totally loving a relaxed Sunday evening! Have a super week Xx

    1. I am glad that I've stayed with it. It provides me a different type of education-related experience that I am so fortunate to have had. Your files do sound a lot like mine. Haha. Ugh! It's the worst! I hope you're having a great half-term break! I can't wait to get back to the UK on my summer break! I run a summer camp in London! This is my 6th year with the company.

  4. I'm with you on organizing all of my clip art and downloads. I usually have to go through once a month and organize it all. Sometimes I've downloaded something three times. Yikes! I can almost hear my computer breathing a sigh of relief when I clean things out! I wish someone would come up with a program that would organize it all for me automatically!

    Enjoy that extra day off and have a wonderful week!

    Mrs O Knows

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