Five for Friday-March 6, 2015

I’ll admit…I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough content to participate in Five for Friday this week!  This is my favorite linky party! I’m…

I’ll admit…I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough content to participate in Five for Friday this week!  This is my favorite linky party! I’m so happy that I made it happen!  We only had 3 student contact days and one of those days was a field trip, so my student-driven content is minimal this week. 
First, I just have to say how proud I am of my students for completing their essays.  This was a writing assessment so they didn’t have any support from me!  It’s a good thing that we had our grading day so I could read through and score each of them!  I love seeing how they progress in writing over the course of a year.  They’ve been working so hard and they were so diligent about getting all of this done.
In math, we’re continuing our unit on multiplying and dividing fractions.  We are also studying using fractions in expression along with the order of operations.  Here are some anchor charts from the week…

Ok…I’ll admit.  I’m crushing on anchor charts this week.  Maybe it’s because I just got a fresh new pack of Sharpie chart markers?!  We’re starting our state science test on Monday so we’ve been going through tons of science content.  Here are two anchor charts that were made using a pictorial input strategy.  The students LOVED the lessons and they look great hanging up in the room!!

I used much of my report card time to rearrange my classroom.  I just had this moment last week where I decided that some of my student desks didn’t have a good enough view of the board and that I wanted to heard everyone in really close to me.  I LOVE the new set up!!!  I especially love the group table that goes down the center!
We had so much fun on our field trip!  I am so thankful that we were able to have this opportunity as a grade level.  Someone on my team got a grant.  Many of the kids had never been to this museum and they had so much fun playing with electricity, building things, and learning about all kinds of science!
Thanks for reading!  I hope to see you on the link up!!

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  1. You have an entire day to complete report cards?!?! That's awesome! How many times a year do you all complete them. Currently, we send them out every 6 weeks! It feels like once we complete them it's time to do them again. Hopefully we go to 9 week cycles next year. Your classroom looks super nice! I love the corner windows.

    1. Hi Kim!

      Thank you. I got really lucky when I got my classroom. 🙂

      We do report cards three times. Our last one was right before Thanksgiving. So, I think that's like 10-11 weeks? I can't imagine not having a whole day. It took me at least 7 hours to enter everything.

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