StitchFix #1

Today, we had a field trip.  I came home with a serious case of long-lasting motion sickness and a headache.  Fortunately, I came home to…


Today, we had a field trip.  I came home with a serious case of long-lasting motion sickness and a headache.  Fortunately, I came home to find my first StitchFix in the mail!  I have been anxiously awaiting this box for the past week and it took all of the self-control that I possess to not just tear it open and fling everything out of the box haphazardly!

Wondering what I’m so excited about?  Let me tell you about what StitchFix is…
StitchFix is a delivery service where you can get a personal stylist to select 5 pieces for your wardrobe!  You can choose how often you get a fix and what price range you want your pieces to be.  You fill out a fun quiz to give your stylist information about your style and you can also send them to a personal Pinterest board highlighting your style Wishlist!  When you get your box, you try your pieces on in the comfort of your home and decide what you want to keep.  I love being able to try things on at home because you can pair it with things that are already in your closet to see how it transitions into your wardrobe!  Once you decide what you want, you check out online.  If you keep anything, the $20 styling fee gets deducted from your total.  If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount on your total purchase.  I found the price of my 5 items to be totally reasonable!

I felt a little weird about the fact that this box had obviously been opened and then resealed.  Uh….the post office was really off on this package.  They sent the box from San Francisco to Maryland then to me in Oregon….and it was opened somewhere along the way.  Interesting.
One of my favorite moments was opening it and appreciating the beauty inside the box.  The way that the box is styled inside with matching stickers, cards, and boxing is amazing and so pretty.  I also loved reading my notes from my stylist who thanked me for being a teacher.  That was awesome. She also said that she checked out my Pinterest and that it was very helpful!  It was so nice to know that she really did read my profile and that she looked at what I’ve been pinning.  For the most part, the fix picks were along the lines of what I would actually wear.
Let’s get to the goods…

Harriet Geo Print Fit & Flare Dress $64
I wasn’t crazy about this dress.  The fit was too boxy and overall just unflattering in the waist area.  I agree that the neutral colors are something that I would typically choose but I just wasn’t thrilled about this dress.  Overall, I felt like it was too expensive for something with such an unflattering cut to it.  
Decision: Return

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