Sunday Scoop – March 22, 2015

Whew!  Things have been c.r.a.z.y. at work lately!  As a result, my blogging and TpT commitment has taken a hit!  I am really happy that we’re on spring break now out here in Oregon so I can decompress and rejuvenate!  I have some exciting blog posts that I need to develop and I’m excited to be able to post them throughout break. Perhaps I’ll even do some writing to get ahead and schedule out some posts.
I am going to my mom’s house in Cali for spring break.  We’re throwing a baby shower there for my sister!  Hooray!  I’m excited to see the family and get out of town for a bit.  The weather here is overcast and rainy at the moment so I won’t be missing much!  
My have to do section is quite relaxing today.  Since it’s spring break…relaxing is about all I have prioritized.  I do hope to do some work on my blog and TpT store though!
As for the plantain chips, is anyone else completely addicted to these?!  The entire NW area of Trader Joe’s has been out of stock for weeks.  I am dying here, people!!!!  BRING BACK THE PLANTAIN CHIPS!!!
I finally hit up that M•A•C shopping spree that I talked about last weekend and I am so excited to wear all of my new products!!  I’m definitely packing some of them with me for my trip to Cali!  I love M•A•C.  
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10 thoughts on “Sunday Scoop – March 22, 2015”

    1. Plantain chips are the best! Try them out! I have a post going up on Wednesday about everything I picked up at M•A•C! Check back on Wednesday to see!! 🙂

  1. I'm so jealous you get to go to California for spring break! The only place I'm planning on going is Chuck-e-Cheese;) I've never tried plantain chips before – so I should probably try them! I also love your blog design:)
    Technology Timeout

    1. Well, it's just Northern California…so it won't be sunny or that different than Oregon. 🙁 However, it is better than nothing…and definitely better than Chuck-e-Cheese. Haha. Thank you for the kind comment and definitely try out some of those chips!!

    1. I think your spring break will beat mine, though! Although, I'm not jealous of the flight time you're going to have! I love being an Auntie as well! It's the best!!


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