Sunday Scoop – March 8, 2015

Welcome to my Sunday link-up with The Teaching Trio!! Have to Do I am so ready to cook my heart out today.  I’m just in…

Welcome to my Sunday link-up with The Teaching Trio!!
Have to Do
I am so ready to cook my heart out today.  I’m just in one of those moods.  his could have gone under happy to do as well but eating is a necessity so I kept it under “have to do.”  We’re also starting our state testing for science next week.  I haven’t personally administered state tests before so I have to look through this manual today so that I don’t become the cause of a testing impropriety at our school.  That just sounds scary.  Also, today, I want to just stop and appreciate life.  I’m trying to not get too caught up in all the things that I need to take care of and just enjoy this moment.  I mean, it’s basically summer weather in Oregon right now.  There’s no better time to stop and enjoy life!!
Hope to Do
I hope that we can get through our science testing this week without any technology issues.  Usually, there are always problems with the sound, computers freezing, etc.  I just want a nice, easy testing session.  Also, I read about from a post by Jennifer Findley at Teaching to Inspire in 5th.  I love her products and her blog content.  She mentioned a website that I am super eager to test out with my students!  I’ll let you know if I get to it!
Happy to Do

My sister’s Superman themed baby shower decor is coming along nicely!  I am excited to keep creating things for her special day!  I love all things superhero so this was a perfect job for me!

I have been thinking that maybe I should open an Etsy shop with party decor.  I love planning and decorating parties.  Does anyone know what the Terms of Use are for using TpT clipart for paper products like banners and invitations on Etsy?  The only think holding me back at this point is finding out about this.  I know that you can’t use them to mass produce goods like mugs and stuff but what about limited-sale items for party decor?  I’m going to contact some graphic artists that I use, I think.

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  1. I get in those types of moods where I just want to bake up a storm 🙂 what are you cooking today?
    I like your point about stopping and enjoying life – I will be making sure that I'm mindful of that today too. Happy Sunday!

    1. I have been very productive today! Maybe it's because I didn't tell myself this morning that I needed to be productive today? I cooked steak, Mexican soup, a quiche, and a scallop mixed veggie stir-fry! 🙂

    1. I just checked out Kahoot (I know…I'm totally behind on this one) and I'm going to get my students on it tomorrow as a last-ditch science review effort. I'm sure your class will be just great as well! Thank you so much for the compliment too! That really made me smile!!

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