Technology Tuesdays – Kahoot!

My students have been obsessed with Kahoot since the first time we played it!  I have to admit, that I am super obsessed too!!  I love this website!
Kahoot is the perfect way to integrate games and technology into your classroom!  It’s also great to show anyone who works in your school computer lab because they’re sure to find a ton of uses for it as well!
I love that there are tons and tons of public Kahoots that you can search!  When I first started playing, we were prepping for our state science test and I just searched through 4th and 5th grade premade science games.  I found tons of super usable games for my state test review.  My students couldn’t get enough of it!
What I love about it is that it forces everyone to respond and the students get instant feedback.  Isn’t it every teacher’s dream for students to get immediate feedback and have everyone participating?!  Yep…Kahoot makes it happen!  Plus, at the end of the game, you can download a spreadsheet of each student’s answers.  So, you get 100% participation, instant feedback, and a record of their results.  How amazing is that!

Eventually, my 5th grade team started making some of our math exit tickets on Kahoot.  Seriously, the kids ask to play it like 20 times a day.  Haha.  They love when I mix it up and give them a Kahoot exit ticket!
We also made our end of unit math review practice on Kahoot.  We gave the students the questions to solve beforehand and then had them enter all of their answers into the Kahoot after everyone had finished.  It made grading super easy, gave students feedback on their performance before testing and it was fun.  We all won!

If you haven’t tried Kahoot, it’s super quick and easy to set up and the students pick it up super quickly.  I definitely recommend giving it a try in your classroom!!

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