Five for Friday – April 17, 2015

Welcome to my blog for Five for Friday! I’m excited to bring you five things from my week!
I am so incredibly blessed.  I had not one…but TWO…Donors Choose projects funded this week. I am in awe of people’s kindness and generosity and the constant love and support that I get from being a teacher! 
I love being able to say that I don’t have any current, active projects because all of mine have been funded! I need to spend next week snapping some pics of my students using the items so that I can get my “Thank You” package submitted!

We received 18 pairs of Skull Candy Headphones this week. My students love how cool they are! We had some super old headphones that were missing ear cushions, didn’t work regularly, and didn’t sound very good. We only had about 5 pairs of them. For 28 students and a class with 18 laptops, that didn’t help us maximize our listening centers! Now, we can!

We’re also going to be getting our first iPad next week! I am so excited for our new technology!
We started state testing this week! We earned a party for using all of our exceptional reading tools throughout the test! To celebrate an awesome week of testing, we had a rootbeer float party at school today! I was so happy to let loose with the class a little after all of their hard work this week! They’ve been amazing little test-takers and I am so proud of them.

We’ve been working super hard this week to learn all about quadrilaterals and attributes of different shapes. Today, they put everything into practice by analyzing and naming different shapes.
We’re using this anchor chart to help us remember the hierarchy and shape attributes!
We also spent time playing some “I Can” games that I picked up from One Stop Teacher Shop! We’ve been reviewing all of the math topics we’ve learned this year and the students love having time to work on white boards and play a game to challenge one another! 

Here’s my huge binder of games stacked up and ready for play!
Earth Day is coming up!  We were lucky enough to be able to product test an awesome product by Art by Jenny K.! It’s 3D and super fun to make! The class loved coloring these, folding them and putting up some great Earth Day artwork! You can get a copy for yourself here!! Our school is the greenest school in Oregon so we take our Earth Day stuff pretty seriously!
Lastly, we put our Scholastic News issues to use by reading about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It’s the 150th anniversary of his death. The class was pretty interested in learning about the reason behind his assassination and the way that it happened.
I put in a Donors Choose request to renew my Scholastic News subscription for next year! It’s in the review process and it should be up soon!

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