Five For Friday – April 24, 2015

Well, this has been quite the interesting week. I’m happy to be here linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for their amazing Five for Friday linky!

We’ve been so fortunate this year! We have had so many projects get funding on Donors Choose! I’ve talked about this a few times lately on the blog but seriously…it’s amazing to see what people will help you with!  We got our iPad and the class is loving it!!

We spent our morning on Thursday working on our thank you cards for our donors.  My class is so beautifully creative. I love what they come up with! They had so much fun with it. I just let them run free with their ideas for creating a thank you. I ended up with tons of artwork, letters, and even this cute card below that was cut out into the shape of headphones!

I’ve been watching everyone do the “I Wish my Teacher Knew” activity lately. I saw the original post on Facebook and I was incredibly moved. I thought that I would try it out with my class.  My best response, by far, was when a student told me that this has been her best year at our school. It warmed my heart.  I need those little moments of confirmation that I am making a difference. Sometimes, I really start to wonder. I uploaded a freebie template to my store that you can print and use in your own class!!
I’ve also been a major fan of making things fun and rewarding kids lately. We’re in the middle of Smarter Balanced testing and they have been working so hard. I say this all the time and I’ll say it again…my kids work SO hard! It’s amazing to watch how much strength they have and their ability to push through and persevere in tough times. They pick a reward each week and sometimes they pick homework passes and sometimes they pick Kahoot.  Either way, they always pick one or the other. I have some cute homework passes made up! I thought that I would upload these as a freebie as well so that you can use them with your class!

On a personal note, I’m really looking forward to the weekend because I can’t wait to post tons of stuff on Mercari! I have been on a major home purge (I do this all the time) and I just need to get rid of stuff! 

Find me on Mercari!
If you want to try Mercari out, here’s a code to sign up with a $2 credit!  There are no seller fees and it’s super easy to use! I definitely prefer it over Poshmark.
However, if you are strictly a Poshmark person, follow my (less-often updated) closet!
I’ve also been seeing a ton of selling IG pages lately and I thought that I would give it a try this weekend!  I love some of the sellers that I see on here. I made an IG account for my closet today and you can follow it on IG at MsDsCloset! I’ll be updating it this weekend!!
Thanks for reading about my week!  I hope to see you on the link up and connect in the comments!

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