Sunday Scoop – April 12, 2015

Thanks for stopping by to read my Sunday Scoop link-up!  As you are probably aware, I love this linky. I don’t feel like I’ve started…


Thanks for stopping by to read my Sunday Scoop link-up!  As you are probably aware, I love this linky. I don’t feel like I’ve started my Sundays right without it!
Have to Do
If you teach a testing grade, can we have a moment of honesty together here? It might be harder for us teachers to make it through this than the kids! I mean, it’s intimidating to have all of these ever-changing sets of rules to follow and worry about losing your licensure if you mess it up…while also caring about the stamina and self-esteem of your kids and watching them work through it. My only real chance of survival is to get myself into yoga regularly this week. I need to savasana the stress away. 
That leads me to the next item, which is reviewing the testing manual and scripts for our new test. We’re using the Smarter Balanced Assessment this year. I need to pull those scripts and take it with me, with some highlights. I don’t want to miss anything. That’s a priority for me today since we begin tomorrow! What test are you using? Have you started yet?
Along with the testing spirit, I usually hold one class meeting per week. With the test going on, I want to hold 3 meetings a week. The challenge will come with my time constraints. Testing takes up an hour of our day and that squeezes out a lot of the time that I would normally use for a meeting. I’m going to have to find somewhere else to squeeze them in. The class needs them.  
Hope to Do
My state recently approved a cut budget. I’m pretty stressed over it and really just chomping at the bit for some resolution. The district is holding budget forums next week with staff and parents. The staff budget forum at my school is next Tuesday. The issue is that I’m double booked here. I already have a commitment during this time. However, since I am new to the district, I feel like I have to be here to have a voice for myself and my own job. The district will either cut teachers or cut days…or both. It’s not a fun position to be in.
I want to get a new Donors Choose project up for professional development. Have you heard that they do those now?! I have some great ideas in mind for this and want to throw it up and see if I can make it happen!  I’m still trying to raise the last $140 for my class iPad project that I have up right now. I hope that we can make it!
Happy to Do
One of my closest My closest and most supportive family member is having a birthday this month. We’re going to go to tea and play cribbage. I’m quit happy about this. I love cribbage and I love going to tea. I have the most amazing little tea shop/restaurant near my house. I’ll take any excuse to go there. This is definitely going to be my bright spot this month! 
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  1. What do you do at these class meetings? I hear you on testing. My juniors already did the ACT in March, but they start Michigan testing this week. I got a PD grant from donors choose: a new laptop and a teacher library of books. You should go for it! I shared your project on Donors! Stop by and enter my giveaway today 🙂 Happy Sunday.
    Kovescence of the Mind

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Thank you so much for giving me a little boost on my Donors Choose project! You are seriously too kind! I got everything set up to submit my PD request this morning. I am so excited that you got your approved! Way to go!

      At our class meetings, we do "compliments, concerns and feelings" first. Here, the students have time to thank each other, appreciate one another and speak about anything they're worried about. We've talked about testing a lot lately. Then, they can share openly if they have something that they feel the need to talk about. Last, I always have a topic that we explore as a group. It's usually related to morals or character education.

      I hope your testing week goes well!!


  2. We're doing Smarter Balanced this year after field testing it last year. It's pretty stressful and I'm hoping to be successful in helping the kids see that it's important to do their best without pressuring them. Good luck on your Donors Choose projects! We just had our second project funded. It feels so good to be able to bring extra resources into the classroom based solely on the generosity of others.

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