Sunday Scoop – April 5, 2015

I’m pleased to be linking up again this week with Teaching Trio for Sunday Scoop.  I missed it last week while I was traveling home…

I’m pleased to be linking up again this week with Teaching Trio for Sunday Scoop.  I missed it last week while I was traveling home from my spring break in California with my mom and sisters. I love this linky.  I feel like it really helps me focus in on my week and it’s actually quite therapeutic in its own way to stop and think of things that you want from your week and what you’re happy for in your week.
Have to Do
This week, I must get some items posted to Poshmark and Mercari.  First, and foremost.  This has to happen today.  I’m really trying to sell through some stuff ASAP because my closet it bursting!  I need to have it cleared out before summer in order to do any serious organizing this summer.  I am a long-time Poshmark user.  I actually deleted my account for a while when I was out of the country and moving but I’ve been back on for about a year.  However, there’s a new app that resembles Poshmark that I actually prefer.  It’s called Mercari.  It’s the same idea but they don’t take out any commission.  I feel like I can offer items at lower prices and still make a higher profit over there.  Are you a Posher or Mercari user?  Let’s follow each other! (**You can sign up for Mercari and get an instant $2 credit if you use my code: FMQZDN)  My username on both is @myrandasue.  Especially with all my awesome new Stitch Fix finds, I have to make some space in that closet!  I’d love to link up with you on those apps if you’re on it!  🙂
**Edit: I’ve been posting away all day on Mercari and I’m already up to $81 in sales for today. I am so glad that I set a goal for myself to post today!
Next, my biggest must for this week is to finish getting my class ready for their Smarter Balanced Assessment in English Language Arts. We start testing on the 13th, so this is really the final chance to prep them for the test! We’ve been working through the practice test on the portal in small groups, one question at a time and discussing strategies as well as the test-interface. I hope that it helps and I hope that I can keep my kids smiling and optimistic when the test rolls around.
Additionally, I must workout this week. My knee injury is pretty much healed so I can go back to working out. However, I’ve been 175% exhausted. I need to get myself back into the mindset and make it happen. I have really been struggling here lately.  Yes, I do yoga regularly each week but I mean that I need to get some serious cardio going on again.  And I mean serious!!
Hope to Do
My blog posts have been sporadic, at best, recently and my biggest hope this week is to get some regular blog posts back up.  It has been about a month since I’ve linked up with Five for Friday and I love that linky! I hope to get a post up for all of my regular stuff this week!
The next hope to is obviously not a goal for today or for this week.  It’s more of an intention that I’m setting for myself for right now.  I really want to learn how to do blog design and create my own clipart.  I’m thinking of taking some classes in Adobe Illustrator.  I love blog design and it’s a huge goal of mine to learn how to do it!  Does anyone have any recommendations for learning?  And while we’re at it, has anyone used the Teaching Blog Traffic School and is willing to offer a recommendation?
Happy to Do
Last, but most certainly not least, I am happy to wish my sister, Natasha, happy birthday today! She’s younger than me (all of my sisters are).  I am happy that I was able to visit with her during my spring break in Cali and give her a birthday present while I was there!
Thanks for reading, as always, and please come link up with everyone at The Teaching Trio!


    1. I've been posting away on Mercari all day! I've already hit $57 in sales today. Woohoo. I just package stuff and then schedule a pickup from the post office at my door step so it takes very little extra effort. Thanks for signing up with my code and for following!

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