Global Glitter Tribe Monthly Linkup!

It’s a linky party kind of weekend over here! 
I am just loving these linkups that drive awesome content onto our blogs. Don’t get me wrong! I love linkup like “What I Wore Wednesday” or “Sunday Scoop” where I just hangout and chat about life. However, these linkups truly kick things up a notch in my teaching. I love reflecting on what I’m doing as a teacher and learning about what everyone else is doing as well! 
I’m sure you know by now that I am a dedicated Global Glitter Blogger! I’m a true blogging addict. 
One thing that I’m eternally grateful for is that I’ve been given the opportunity to view things from a more global perspective. Traveling internationally has really transformed the way that I look at the world and altered the lens through which I view people and the world. 
One way that I teach a local perspective to my students is by supporting local farms and businesses. I always try to bring in resources from local shops and support small businesses in our community. We also do field trips to local farms and learn a lot about what our community manufactures and produces. Part of understanding the world comes from first understanding what we give to the world.
I am still crushing on my Erin Condren planner. I love how it’s helping me outline deadlines and keep moving forward on projects. This is exactly what I needed to set small goals for myself and make progress on all of my projects. It’s nice to be able to organize all aspects of my life in one place. Plus, it’s so adorable!
One way that I’m helping my students learn to think of other perspectives is by having them buddy up to help teach math and reading to younger students in the school. While this doesn’t take the perspective outside of the school building, it does help them move their perspective of learning outside of their individual classroom experiences and understand learning from an entirely different perspective. Plus, it gets them involved in the learning community of our entire school.
We’ve been learning about aquatic ecosystems and murals this month. We’ve finally finished constructing our aquatic ecosystem mural and it’s fabulous! I have to thank my student teacher for taking the reigns here and really making this come to life! The kids loved it and it was both an amazing collaborative project and a great learning experience.

Something that I would love to hear about in the Global Edventures chat is “school norms.” I am fascinated by the way schools run differently in different regions, states, and countries. I’m curious about norms related to collaboration in the classroom, parent involvement, seating arrangements, etc. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to learn about what things are normal in different countries?
Well, that’s all I have for today! The link up is live for the rest of the month. I hope that you’ll take some time to come and join us!! Click the button below to view the link up, participate, or read other reviews.

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