Products for Payday! Long-Division Math SCOOT!

Have you heard the news? There’s a TpT sale…just in time for the Products for Payday linkup with Focused on Fifth! I have my store set for a 20% discount during the sale! On top of that, you’ll get an extra discount from TpT to save a total of 28% in my store!
I’ve been working really hard lately to build up my selection of 5th grade math games. I just can’t get enough of them! My students love mixing it up and playing games to solidify their learning. This has been my big push area this year in my store!
I want to highlight one of my newest additions today!

Long Division SCOOT Game 

This math game helps students practice long-division in a fun, low-stress way. My students ADORE playing SCOOT. In fact, it might be the best chance that I have at getting them to happily perform operations repeatedly! 
This set includes 40 long division questions. The questions all have decimals in the dividend. The questions are provided in both an open-ended and a multiple choice format with answer keys for both options as well!
The students can play these games alone or with peers for quick and easy centers or a flawless review activity.

Plus, it’s low prep and easy to store! All you have to do is print the questions, cut the strips and produce enough copies of the answering sheet. All set in minutes!

**Click the cover picture to see this item in my store!**
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Here’s a sample of the multiple choice option. You can also print them in an open-ended format where the strip includes the question only!
The included answer key makes it super quick and easy to assess students and provide instant feedback to make sure students are on track and attack misconceptions in the moment!

We’ve been loving this SCOOT game! I also have a multi-digit multiplication SCOOT game for you if you like this one! It also includes decimals to keep your students challenged and engaged with the 5th grade math standards.
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