Sunday Scoop – November 22, 2015

Welcome back! I’m thankful to have you here reading my blog. I missed the scoop last weekend and it just didn’t feel right!
Here’s what’s up with me this week…
Have to Do…

The first thing isn’t so bad, right? I’m going out to have a little coffee chat with my sister! I haven’t seen her for a while so that’ll be nice! Plus, who doesn’t love coffee on a  Sunday? I also have some books to give to her from my latest Reading Club order!
Let’s be honest…does anyone like folding laundry?! Ugh.
I have been telling myself to get some makeup advertisement images made in Canva every day for the past three weeks and I just haven’t done it! Why am I so avoidant sometimes? I need to get this done!
Hope to Do…

I do hope to get to the store to pick up some treats for parent teacher conferences. They start tomorrow. What do you like to put out for conferences?
I’ve been fired up on TpT lately and I would love to keep the momentum up and get something new out there this weekend! I’ve been working really hard on posting one thing a week. 
Happy to Do:

I love the Shameless Sunday show on Blab. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s on at 10:00 am on Sundays and it’s fabulous! There are some great bloggers on there and it’s great to just network and chat with other teachers!
So…what are you up to this week? Come link up with us and leave a comment below so we can chat!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Scoop – November 22, 2015”

  1. It is SO easy to put off a chore we have to do, isn't it? Good things some things have deadlines……but (if you're anything like me) when you do get those ads checked out you'll be feeling so great and probably get 5 other things done that you were putting off because you don't have the ads slowing you down. (Like clean up your Dropbox files….!)
    Always Primary

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