TpT SALE! Literacy & Science Products You’ll Want Today!

I LOVE TpT sales! Seriously, I stock things up just waiting for the sales to happen! Do you do that too?
Have you heard about the Cyber Monday sale on TpT??
Today, I want to share with you two things that I think you’ll want to grab from my store during the TpT sale along with one thing that’s in my cart from one of my favorite sellers!

Opinion Essay Writing Pack-Should School Lunches be Healthier?

Are you looking for a way to get your students engaged in realistic issues that are present in their lives while also practicing important literacy skills?

This set offers:
  • 3 non-fiction sources about school lunches
  • constructed rĂ©ponse questions about the texts
  • 3 graphic organizers to support students with developing a strong opinion essay
  • Themed writing paper to publish their final draft
 **Click the cover picture to see this item in my store!**

This resource pairs texts with graphic organizers so students can construct meaning from the text in multiple formats while also preparing to use the information in their own writing.

The spaces in the margins help students write about their thinking while they’re reading the text. This also keeps their notes organized and connected to the text that they’re reading.

The graphic organizers lay the groundwork for planning a strong opinion essay!
I also have opinion essay sets for:
You can also grab all four in a bundle!!

Study Jams Interactive Notebook – Matter

My students love having the opportunity to work independently and this set provides them with just that! Plus, it gives everyone a chance to work at their own pace and at their individual instructional level, allowing me to support students where and when they need it the most!
This pack includes interactive notebook foldables that go along with the Matter videos on Scholastic Study Jams! The video content keeps students engaged, creating an easy-to-manage but educational learning opportunity.

**Click the cover picture to see this item in my store!**
The interactive notebook pages cover tons of concepts related to matter!
Check out some of the interactive notebook pages included in the images below!
I also have interactive Study Jams notebooks for Plants & Solar System!
And now for the item in my cart…

Google Drive Toolkit by Danielle Knight

Danielle Knight has been leading the way with creating DIGITAL interactive notebooks. Since I’m a junkie when it comes to all things digital, I knew that this was right up my alley!
I was struggling with understanding how they really worked and I was lucky enough to catch Danielle on a scope talking about her products. Right then, I had to add this product to my wishlist. It’s something that any tech-savvie teacher or seller can’t live without. 
So, go check that out and take a peek at the rest of her store while you’re at it. She’s an amazing upper grades seller that I rely on time and time again!!

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