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I am so in love with the book that I’m reading with my class!! Starting off the year with Wonder has been the best decision ever. Seriously!!
Let’s talk about Wonder by RJ Palacio!
This is the best book to start your school year with! It’s so great to just discuss friendship, bullying, kindness, integrity, etc. We’ve been having the absolute best conversations in class during our community circle and it has totally changed the way kids work with one another and respect each other in class!
Wonder is a story about a boy who was born with very special circumstances and he starts at a school for the first time in the 5th grade. His trials and tribulations are documented as he makes friends and gets to know the students in his school. 
We made some special art displays to go with the book and we’ve all signed a pledge to choose kind!!

If you’re looking for the best read aloud to teach your students empathy, compassion, kindness, etc. then this is the book for you! The kids love it. I can’t keep enough copies of it stocked up in the classroom. Even the boys are all over it! 
We’re finishing it this week and we can’t wait to start the next part! We’re reading Auggie & Me next!!
So…come on over to Focused on Fifth and linkup to share what you’re reading!!

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  1. One of my all time favorites. You are so lucky to be able to share it with your class. The buzz around our school was so great that all the 5th graders have already read it. I need to check out Auggie and Me. I haven't read that yet. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kim, try Absolutely Almost or Fish in a Tree if you kiddos already read this book. Very similar in nature…and they will love these even more because they will be able to make connections and compare/contrast the books.


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