New Business Adventures & My Commitment for Summer

Something happens in 5th grade after spring break. It’s like we go on vacation and then when we return, nothing is the same. The kids seemingly grow up during that week and they’re less interested in all you’re bringing to the table after that point. 

Maybe it’s the looming state testing. Being in the process of state testing. Being over everything by the time they’re done with testing. Who knows. The anxiety about transitioning to middle school? Does anyone have the answer?

I find it extremely hard to keep up with my store and blogging duties during this time of the year. From field day, to jog-a-thon, to promotion planning, the list never seems to end. So, this summer, I’m committed to scheduling out some super high-quality posts for you! I’m going to be working on getting great action shots of my products in use PLUS I am going to be working on providing exclude freebies that align with my blog content. I really want to take this blog to the next level for you and be more like the upper elementary bloggers that I deeply admire and always trust for advice and solid ideas. 

Along with that, I’m starting a new business this summer! You’ve heard me talk about it before when I fell in love. Yes…it’s LuLaRoe. I’ve been head over heels for LuLaRoe since I first got my hands on those Valentine’s leggings! I’ve purchased 4 more dresses and two more pairs of leggings and I they’re all incredible. I also got my niece two dresses for her 2nd birthday.

 I decided to go full force with this and become a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant. Now..this is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill direct sales situation here. No. This is a full-fledged fashion business that you operate from your home, or on the go. I plan to do a lot of online sales. I actually will own hundreds of pieces of inventory and I get to buy more inventory as needed. I have always loved fashion. I was an awesome merchandiser when I worked at The Children’s Place in college and I love putting together outfits and getting dressed up.

I have been in the queue since March 28th and I am going to fully launching my line at the end of June. It seems so far away but the time is flying by and I know that I’m going to have all those LuLaRoe boxes at my doorstep in no time!  I’ve been so busy cleaning out all the clutter from my house to make room for my business. 

I’ve already set up my Facebook pages so you can keep up with all my launch news! I’ll be hosting giveaways so you DON’T want to miss it!

What summer commitments have you made? Have you started summer break yet? I have 3.5 weeks to go!

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