An Awesome Back to School Deal for Your Best Style Yet

I just had to pop on here really quickly and share this amazing deal with you! I have been eyeing these Nume wands for years. Have you heard of Nume before? They make curling wands, straightening irons, etc. I’ve seen pictures of people with gorgeously styled hair using these for years. I know they’re real too because one of my friends uses one and her hair is perfect.

Today, I was doing my hair and thinking about how I really needed a new wand to keep at school (yes, I do my hair at school after the gym) and that I didn’t have a lot to spend on one right now. Guess what happened next…I got an email in my account to get any wand for $29. WHAT??? I just saved $120 on a wand and I want to share the code with you! I can’t wait until mine gets here!

Ready for perfect hair? Click the link below!
Back To School Flash Sale: ALL wands only $29


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