Creation Crate Review – Let’s Get to Building!

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Recently, I was contacted by a new sub-based company and they offered me a free Creation Crate box in exchange for a review of their product. I heard the words creation and elementary and knew that it was a perfect collaboration!

So, what is Creation Crate? Creation Crate is a beginner friendly, technology driven subscription box that’s perfect for kids in upper elementary school. According to their website: 

“We started Creation Crate to give people a more practical way to learn – in a subject that’s not getting nearly enough attention in traditional schooling. When most people think about careers in technology, the first thing that comes to mind is programmng. Not many people think about the hardware side of tech.”

How true is that? I loved the idea and had to try it out. Here’s what came in my box!

The box was pretty simple in its design and I was excited to open it up. When I opened it, I found all of the hardware components to build and program a lamp. How cool!!!

I love the tech inspired stickers. I would definitely save these to hand out to kids when they successfully build the design. The booklet on the left is the instruction manual.

The instructions are pretty simple. I appreciate that they’re not super wordy. That makes it very helpful for younger kids. I also like the pictures that match up with each material in the box.

So, of course, I had to test out the instructions and I got right to building! I found that the instructions were simple enough to use and I was able to figure it all out and get everything put together. 

So, all-in-all, this product was super fun! I would totally bring this into my classroom and allow students to build and program. This is a great incentive for early finishers or class rewards. I loved putting this together and I have no doubt that other students would too! 
I think that I am going to get a few more of these and keep them in plastic bins to pass out as needed for activities!
Want to try out Creation Crate? Head on over to the website to get started!

Creation Crate

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