Rocksbox Set #3

I am so excited about my new Rocksbox set! I am IN LOVE with what I received this month!! Are you wondering what Rocksbox is??…

I am so excited about my new Rocksbox set! I am IN LOVE with what I received this month!!

Are you wondering what Rocksbox is??

Rocksbox is a subscription type jewelry service where you pay $19 a month and they send you 3 pieces of jewelry. What I LOVE about it is that you get to keep the jewelry and wear it for AS LONG AS YOU WANT!! Yes. you can wear this jewelry for $19 a month for as long as you want. The boxes usually are about $150-$200 in value each.
You can also send it back and get new jewelry as often as you want. So, for $19 a month, you can exchange jewelry as many times as you’d like and wear multiple pieces of jewelry for the month. Each time you send it back, they send you a new set and they send you jewelry from either your wish list or just something that your stylist thinks you’ll like.
Now, from your $19 a month fee, $10 of it can be applied to the cost of your items if you want to keep them and purchase something. I have kept pieces in the past because I have received some amazing things!! 

Why do I love Rocksbox?

I love Rocksbox because I get to try tons of jewelry styles and see what does and does not work for my lifestyle. There are so many pieces that I added to my wishlist and thought that I absolutely needed but it turned out that they absolutely did not work for my wardrobe or lifestyle. For example, some bangles were way too big and wouldn’t stay on my wrist. Other bracelets caught on everything and weren’t easy to wear. Some necklaces were too dainty or the chain was too short. I love being able to find this out and then send it back for something else to see what works better.
What I also love is that I can find jewelry for special occasions but I don’t have to keep it in my permanent collection if I don’t want it as a permanent piece of my collection! 
It is so fun!

How can you get Rocksbox?

First, click this link and then sign up with the code “MyrandaBFF” and you can get your first month FREE!!!!
Here’s the cute packaging that it comes in!  I love it!
When you open the mailer, you get this adorable box, tied shut with a cute little bow!!
Then, when you open the box, you get this cute little note from your stylist! 
Next, you find information on your “Shine Spend” and then you get to the GOOD STUFF!!
Here are the fantastic pieces that were in this month’s box!!
Kendra Scott Earrings
Wraparound Bracelet
Layered Disk Necklace

I am so happy about everything that’s in this box! 
This wraparound bracelet is so cute! I am not sure that it’s super practical but I’m going to give it a try. It seems like kind of a pain to put on in the morning when I’m always in a rush and trying to just get in and out of the house as fast as possible. 
However, this will probably be perfect for a night out or a special event because it’s super cute and very fun!
I have to wear the other two pieces still and I will update this post ASAP with the earrings and the necklace as soon as I wear them to work this week!!

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