The Best Beauty Subscription Box – Boxy Charm Review August 2016

I am so excited to bring you a Boxy Charm review today! I have been subscribed to Boxy Charm for 3 months and I wanted to…


I am so excited to bring you a Boxy Charm review today! I have been subscribed to Boxy Charm for 3 months and I wanted to wait a while to really feel out the sub box before recommending it to my readers. I have to say…this is THE BEST makeup subscription box that I have ever found.

I used to be a hardcore Ipsy fan but my excitement was dwindling. I felt as though I was getting more and more low-quality cheap products from China that were filled with nasty junk and not worthy of use in a professional makeup artist’s bag. I couldn’t rationalize the subscription anymore but needed to fulfill my makeup obsession somehow.

That’s when a friend of mine recommended Boxy Charm to me. We both worked at M•A•C together and I really value her opinion so I went for it…even though it costs twice as much as Ispy. Let me tell you…IT’S WORTH IT! 

In the past three months, every box that I have received has had a retail value of over $120. Talk about a steal. One month, I received an $80 bottle of eye cream. Yes, I paid $21 for that box and got that eye cream and 4 other items. All of the items are full-sized. No more mini samples that are a one-time use. Plus, the products are higher-quality brands that I would actually use professionally and personally and most of them are free from all of that nasty junk that we don’t want on our skin.

So…what was in this month’s box? Take a look!


Do I have your attention now?

Here’s what the box looks like when you get it in the mail.

This card on top breaks down the prices for each item in the box, tells you what it is and tells you how to use it! LOOK at those prices! 

I really don’t love the blank paper that comes in the box…but hey…that’s a pretty minor issue to have. These products are so amazing that I don’t even miss having a cute little bag from Ipsy. Let’s be real….that was the main seller for me anyway.

Aloe Pure Aloette Serum
This serum is heavenly! I’ve been using it for the past few days and it’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or weird. I haven’t had any skin issues from it and I love the way that my skin has been looking. I’m definitely going to be ordering more of this!!

I try to change out my mascara once a month and I’m excited to put this to use next month! I’m always open to finding new mascaras to love!

dirty little secret liquid lipstick

dirty little secret liquid lipstick
If you know me, you know that I LOVE a bold, matte red lip! I love that this is a liquid lipstick. It makes the application so much smoother. This stuff is amazing. The wear really lasts. I applied this to my hand to swatch it lasted on my hand for about 8 hours…hand washing and all. I can’t wait to try this out at work when school starts back up! 

Beauty for Real eye pencil

beauty for real eye crayon
Beauty for Real is the reason that I subbed to this box in the first place and I was super excited to get this gorgeous purple eye crayon in my box. It applied super gently and left a super-charged color payout behind. I couldn’t believe it. It had a short window where the color could be smudged or moved. After it set, it stayed put. The swatch on my hand had to be scrubbed off at the end of the day…even through all of the hand washing I did during the day. WOW!

coastal scents palette
Now, if I’m being honest with you, this was the bust of the box for me and it was the first product that I have been less than excited for. I am not a huge fan of Coastal Scents. Their stuff is fine but it’s not what I prefer to use. Even so, this would make a great gym-bag go-to and it’s always nice to have another makeup brush around!
So, what do you think? Have you tried Boxy Charm before? Do you want to? You can click any link in this post to try it out using my referral code! 

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