Candy Club Review – August 2016

Happy Labor Day Weekend! For a lot of us teachers, it’s like the final hurrah before the hard work really begins! For some of you,…


Happy Labor Day Weekend! For a lot of us teachers, it’s like the final hurrah before the hard work really begins! For some of you, you’ve already been back to work and you’re just thankful for the three day weekend to recharge. I hope you all get some quality relaxation time in this weekend!
I’m going to do another subscription box review here. I’ve reviewed this before on YouTube but I think this is the first review I’ve done here in the blog. 
Today, I’m reviewing the Candy Club subscription box. Have you heard of it? It’s a monthly box that you can either have curated for you or you can self-select based on your preferences. I choose to have mine curated for me because I love surprises and I love trying out new stuff that I may not have chosen myself.
I signed up for a year of Candy Club in December of 2015 so my time is almost up. I’ve never been disappointed in a box. I signed up for this box because the little containers of Candy are so adorable and they are the perfect gift to keep on hand for last minute birthdays, classroom treats, etc.

 June 2016 GIFs
They’re great at wrapping their boxes in this heat-protectant layer to keep it safe from the heat and crazy temperatures! This helps make sure that my candy is always fresh and ready to eat when it’s opened!

Seriously…how cute is this??? 

Each candy comes with its own card that describes what the candy is. The backside of the card lists the nutritional information and ingredients. Look at your own risk….
These cinnamon bears were so good. They were super soft, jam-packed with cinnamon flavor and the perfect treat!

I’m really not into licorice candies so these weren’t a favorite for me. They were really fun with the bright colors and pinwheel shape.

I totally love cola bottle candies. These were soft, coated with sugar, and packed with flavor. I could’ve been just fine with three containers of these and nothing else!!

There’s always some type of candy on top that’s sprinkled throughout the box. This month, it was root beer float hard candies. One time I had Zots and that was amazing. I think that I love the candies sprinkled in more than any of the others on a pretty regular basis. These were super delicious and tasted just like a root beer float. 
So, would you try Candy Club? I’m definitely a fan!  What’s your favorite type of candy? Let me know in the comments!

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