Absolutely Everything You need to Plan comprehensive, Standards-Based thematic units, Reduce the Content Overwhelm, and love teaching ALL subject areas

👉 Are you constantly trying to cram in as many standards as possible last minute?

I know the feeling. I’ve been there so many times before too and that is why I created the year-long planning challenge that you get For free with your thematic unit planner. This challenge is going to help you make sure that you get all of your standards covered throughout the year and you do it stress-free!

👉 Does the thought of managing your classroom during Thematic teaching leave you feeling overwhelmed?

When you review the classroom set up checklist That’s provided athat’s provided as part of your thematic teaching planner, you’re not going to have anything to worry about! I am walking you through all of the important considerations that you need to think through before you start a thematic unit.

👉 Are you stressed out by the amount of standards that you need to cover During the school year And feel like there’s not enough time to do it all?

When you break everything out into separate lessons Throughout the day, its impossible to do it all. With the magic of thematic teaching, You can build In standards from every single content area within one lesson And Easily engage your students in a cross-curricular instructional approach.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the ULTIMATE THEMATIC UNIT PLANNER can help you!

This Planner is an absolute game-changer!

I work with new teachers in my district and I have shared this planner with all of them!

-Katie J.

I was ready to change up the way that I do things in my classroom and this was exactly what I needed to give me that extra support.

-Barbara T.

As a new teacher, this is exactly what I needed to start planning more purposefully.

-Lindsay P.

Imagine what it would be like if…


it was easy to Plan instructional units that are relevant to your students’ lives.

With thematic teaching, you can base your instructional units around student interests and current events.


You weren't Overwhelmed by all of the content you're expected to teach because it all fits together seamlessly

It's impossible to teach a separate lesson for every subject area every day. integrating social studies, Health, or science content into reading, writing, and math will save you tons of time and stress.


your students were engaged in your lessons and thriving academically

tired of teaching to blank stares? your students will be excited about your upcoming lessons when you create authentic and relevant thematic units.


you ended the school year with all of your standards covered and you didn't have to cram them in last minute

"state testing? No big deal. We're ready!" Sound like something you wish you could say? Thematic Teaching is the best way to make that happen.

With The Ultimate Thematic Teaching Planner

You can stop cramming in your standards last minute, create engaging lessons that help your students thrive academically, and stop feeling stressed by all of the standards and content that you're expected to teach each year.

Why Do YOU Need This planner?

you won't see different results without trying something new!


The Classroom Set Up Checklist is Your answer! You'll get all your questions answered.


stop wondering if you're teaching what you need to teach with the standards planner!


you'll be ready to create an intentional, focused year-long plan when you complete this unit.


stop feeling overwhelmed by thematic teaching and plan a great unit with ease.

Find Out What's Inside

Listen in on why I created this planner and why this planner is right for you!

What you'll get

Thematic Unit Planner Mini Course

Lifelong access to the mini-course with Training videos and tips

Activity Planning Pages and Ideas

If you're stuck, just refer to the list of activity ideas that are provided and work through the training on activity planning

A complete set of unit planning templates

every single thing you need for a well-designed unit is in this planner!


Three Ready-to-use Thematic Unit Outlines

A $17 value!

Not ready to write your own thematic unit just yet but you want to get started with thematic teaching Right Away? Take one of the three sample units that I have for you and launching your first unit will be simple.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much time do i need to put this into place?

You can work at your own pace and choose a schedule that works best for you. I think that it Will take about a week to go through the mini-course and complete all of the assignments laid out for you within the course.


Will this work if my District requires that i use a certain curriculum?

there are ways that you can fit your district's required curriculum into your thematic unit. it just might take a little extra work and searching through your required lessons. If there's a separate chunk of the week where you don't have required curriculum, that might be a good place to start with thematic teaching.


does thematic teaching Work for older students?

Yes. The First memory that i have of Thematic teaching is as a high school student. it definitely works for all ages and it's perfect for students in upper elementary which is where i've taught since 2007.

I went from being burnt out and stressed to loving my career

i had major content overwhelm when i began teaching upper elementary education.

Then i started creating thematic units in 2017 and it has been such a life saver.

Get the Ultimate Thematic Unit Planner Today!

The Ultimate Thematic Unit Planner

when you buy the ultimate thematic Unit planner, you're getting more than just a pDF of lesson planning pages. You're getting many years worth of my expertise. you get to skip learning it the hard way and get started with a clear, simple path when you grab this planner and complete The mini-course that goes along with it.

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