I Lost my Heart in Travels

Looking for travel itineraries? Suggestions of places to go when you're out and about? I'm here to share my favorite experiences with you. 

Some of my favorite destinations:

  • Zihuantanejo, Mexico
  • Venice, Italy
  • London, UK
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Washington, DC
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Who Doesn't Love Food?

I love cooking and I love going out to eat. However, I also have autoimmune disease and can't eat as recklessly as I did in the past. These days, I try to balance my health and my love of trying new things. You'll find a mix of quick and easy staples and more time consuming meals.

Let's Eat!

Makeup | Beauty | Trends

I currently manage a MAC Cosmetics counter. All opinions are my own and do not express the views of my employer. I've always been a beauty junkie. Want to learn what's hit or miss in the beauty world? I'm here to give you the honest information you're looking for!

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I love creating engaging, high-quality lessons for my students. I was a fifth grade teacher for many years. I am currently teaching third grade. I sell on Teachers Pay Teachers but I post many moe ideas than you'll ever see posted in my store. I chronicle all of the shenanigans over on my blog! Check it out!